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WiFi Map Project

The purpose of the final class assignment for ERS 502 & ERS/GGR 18 will be to create a wifi map of the CW Post Campus. This map will include locations and information on wifi antennas and patterns of wifi signal/strength. Students will design surveys and collect data throughout campus outside of class meeting time. Planning will be primarily conducted on BlackBoard discussion forums, but will be synthesized in the classroom. Pairs of students will collect data, and all students will integrate these datasets, analyze the data, and create cartographic products.


Link Description
WiFi Map Online 3 different teams worked on WiFi antenna locations, pilot study, and signal visualization map. Each map is represented as a layer group on top of Microsoft Bing Map.
Slides (PDF) Those slides explain about the methods and analysis of this survey.
Photo Gallery Photo gallery is hosted at Picassa Web Album. You can view our activities and screenshots.


Item Description
Semester Spring 2011
Technologies ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, iPad 3G, Blackboard, Google Docs, Google Earth and Bing Maps
Project Size 10 Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Project Duration 6 Weeks

WiFi Mapper App

We developed a custom iPad app to measure the signal strength and GPS location data at the same time. A data collector (student) simply clicks the scan button and saves the value after a few seconds. The app also includes Google Maps with target location points which we uploaded before we started the data collection phase. After a student collects data, he / she exports the file via either email or iTunes. The data file is standard CSV (Comma Separated Values) format that contains following: WiFi name (e.g. LIUNET), latitude, longitude, memo, signal strength and time.

Online Course

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Project Members

  • Christopher Berardicelli
  • Franci Freilich
  • Kristin Loeber
  • Michael Marrano
  • Sean Pawelec
  • Abrom Shepard
  • Stephen Solecki
  • Kiichi Takeuchi
  • Samuel Tenadu III
  • Yuan Zhong

Special Thanks

Photo Gallery

2011 WiFi Mapper Project